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In 2000, after a decade of summits and conferences, world leaders met at the United Nations and agreed the UNited Nations Millennium Declaration which committed everyone to a new global partnership to reduce  extreme poverty.

The Declaration set out 8 targets which are now knowm as the Millennium Development Goals. These Goals cover topics like reducing poverty and providing primary education for all children, and form a plan agreed by all countries and all major development agencies.  The Goals are to be achieved by 2015.


The eight Millennium Development Goals are


  • End poverty and hunger
  • Universal primary education
  • Gender equality
  • Child health
  • Maternal health
  • Combat HIV/AIDS
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Global partnership




Malawi is a  very poor country in Southern Africa. For about 150 years since the Scottish explorer and missionary David Livingstone first travelled there, there have been strong links between Scotland and Malawi. Scots have been working in Malawi since then to help Malawians with health and education. 

East Ayrshire Council  have agreed to support Malawi initiatives.

The focus of Doon Academy's support for Malawi the charity Mary's Meals which provides school meals for over 300,000 children in Malawi.




You are part of a United Nations Task Force which has been asked to look into the challenges facing Malawi and the progress it is making towards Millennium Development Goals. You will be investigating the situation in Malawi and making recommendations as to how the Millennium Development Goals can be achieved.


You will be divided into teams and each team will be given a Goal to investigate, and produce a report which you will present to a school United Nations Committee.  Use the Keyword sheet to take notes.


Individual Roles

Your team will divide up into your individual roles and carry out your investigations. You will need to keep in close contact with each other to ensure that you are all cooperating and you are all on track.



Your job is to find out background information about Malawi. For example where it is, and what life is like there.

Use these sites to help you.

BBC Country Profile - Malawi  an introduction to the history and politics of Malawi.

Guide2Malawi Malawi's only official tourism website

CIA World Factbook - Malawi a good source of statistics on Malawi.

Nationmaster - Malawi  maps and lots of statistics on all aspects of life in Malawi

CBBC Newsround - Africa - basic introduction to life in Africa

OneWorld.net _ Malawi


When you have found enough background information about Malawi, use Flickr  or Flickrstorm to look for pictures to support your case and to improve your presentation.  Put together a folder of images with their URLs.


UN MDG expert

Your job is to find out about your specific MDG and what needs to be done to achieve it.

Use these sites to help you.

CyberSchoolbus - MDGs

UN Gateway to MDGs

BBC News in depth  - MDGs

Endpoverty2015 - MDGs

World Bank Online Atlas of Millennium Development Goals  



Your job is to collect data and information relevant to your MDG to support your case.

Use these websites to help you.

CIA World Factbook - Malawi a good source of statistics on Malawi.

MDG Monitor - Tracking progress towards the MDGs - Malawi page

UN Development Programme - Malawi 



Your job is to make the connections between the situation in Malawi and your Goal. The coordinator should keep everyone on task.

Use these sites to get ideas and examples to help you.

UK Department for International Development - Malawi - Key facts plus what the UK government is doing to help.

Scottish Govermnent Malawi Development Programme  - all goals

UNICEF Millennium Development Goals   - all goals

CBBC Newsround - Life in Africa tells you about some of the problems people face.

Oxfam's work in Malawi - poverty,  hunger, health, HIV

MSF combatting HIV in Malawi  - health, HIV

ActionAid on Malawi - HIV and education

Book Aid International - Malawi  - education

Comic Relief support for Malawi - poverty, child health, education, HIV

Mary's Meals - hunger, education

WaterAid  health, poverty


Group process

Use the Rich Task toolkit to help you with your research.

UseKeyword Notetaking Template  or QUAD template to record your findings.

Use the ReadWriteThink Persuasion Map to put together your investigation or  use this template or you can get a sample to copy from here

Use iMap  or Source list template to keep a record of your research and the sources you have consulted.




By the end of your research your team should have:

  • 3 keyword note taking sheets completed
  • 3 source lists completed
  • At least 1 persuasion map completed
  • A set of 10 photos to use as illustrations


To view a sample project click here.


Your Powerpoint presentation  must have a minimum of 6 slides and must include:


  • 1 slide of background information on Malawi
  • 1 slide of information about your Millennium Goal
  • 3 slides of reasons and facts and figures supporting your investigation 


For more advice and help with your PowerPoint have a look at  PowerPoint Peer Assessment Guide.


Your presentation should include with a handout or poster explaining your case, and a list of sources you have used.


If you would like to add images to your presentation, go to Flickr and do  advanced search to find pictures of Malawi which you can use under a Creative Commons Licence. All images should have their sources listed.


By the end of the process you should have worked together as a team  to produce all the information and data needed for your presentation.



Research Process Self Assessment

PowerPoint Peer Assessment Guide

Talk Self Assessment Guide



You will have worked really hard to get this far. You have had to research your Goal, put together your information, shared it with your team,  and worked with your team to assemble your evidence. You may have felt confused and muddled with your ideas all over the place, but together you have achieved new knowledge and put together a good case to help Malawi.

Hopefully this process will make you more aware of life in poorer areas of the world and also of how we can help the people who live there.





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